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David's Page

This page starts at my second birthday. If you would like to see all the photos from my first and second year, you can click these links:
David's First Year or David's Second Year
I warn you that there are a lot of photos!

The Birthday Boy getting ready to blow out candles

This neat SIT 'N SPIN has kept me busy for hours

Sara gave me my favorite character, Elmo, doing the Hokey Pokey!

Mommy & Daddy got me this AWESOME train!

I'm camping now!

Grandma Sue and I are ready for the party!

Boy, I can jam with Daddy now!

I'm ready for school.

Chocolate ice cream

Da, Julie and I doing karaoke at Mark and Jill's house

Move over Bob Villa

A boy and his Grandma Sue

Relaxing with Sara

Checking out a firetruck with Mommy

Later, alligator...

My friend, Uncle Sam

To infinity and beyond...

The train depot

Giddy up, horsey... I mean daddy

Me and Mommy at a wedding

Da is doing surgery on puppy and I'm really nervous

Me and Cade playing during Thanksgiving

Riding in Daddy's old wagon

My red car

My new tricycle

Resting in Grandma Sue's VCR cabinet

In style

Drummers rule!

Practicing my skills

A PEZ moment

This is a comparison from last year...

My train

Going to see Thomas the Tank Engine

Lots to do

Riding on Thomas!

My friend, the Engineer!

Wow, a Thomas pocket watch!

At the boarding station

Do I have to smile?

I'd rather be riding...


Waiting to get a photo with Thomas

Me and Mommy and Thomas

Do I look good?


Sir Topham Hatt was there too!

Just taking it easy...

Hey, Daddy, is that all you got?
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