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David's First Year

These are photos and text from David's 1st year
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Yes, sir General, this is me!

My new Grandma Sue & my Daddy

There goes that flash again!

Wow, my mommy and Daddy are really proud

My "Da" likes to talk to me

..and I like to talk to my "Da"

My Daddy finally got to feed me

My mommy supervises

My mommy and me

I really like my mommy

The proud grandparents

Finally, I get to rest!

This is my Aunt Trisha; she's my Grandma Sue's sister

Mommy, Daddy and Da are singing to me

I'm checking out my Aunt Sara

All buckled in and ready to travel!

Being cuddled by my Grandma Sue...

...again! Thanks, Grandma Sue!

Sleeping in my Moses basket

Mommy, Daddy and I are going for my checkup

I'm trying to burp as good as my Daddy

Grammy and my mommy decorated my room

Mommy, Daddy and Da are singing to me again!

We're heading to Olive Garden

And here we are

Mommy just bathed me in the sink...

...and she says I really smell good!

Well, I'm finally here!!
My name is David Wesley Wiley. I weighed 7 lbs, 1 oz and was 21 1/2 inches long. I was born at 2010 (that's 8:10 p.m. in civilian talk) on Friday, 25 April 2003 at Darnall Army Community Hospital at Ft. Hood, Texas where my Daddy and mommy are stationed in the Army. My Daddy is a 1st Lieutenant in the 1st Cavalry.

My grandpa "Da" has made this web page for me and he will keep it full of new pictures of me, so keep it in your favorites, so that you can watch me grow.

Da has a lot more pictures and will get them posted just as soon as he gets them away from my grandma Sue and gets them scanned, so please be patient.

My Aunt Trisha came all the way from Bryan to see me before I was 1 day old. I like her and I think she really likes me too.

My Aunt Sara got me a Rangers baseball cap at the Rangers game on the night I was born. She had it signed by one of the Yankees, Robin Ventura. She told me the story of why the Rangers fans don't like him because of the Nolan Ryan incident a long time ago. How cool is it to have Robin Ventura's autograph on a Texas Rangers cap?

My Uncle Chris came from Ft. Worth and my Aunt Debi and Uncle Marcos came from Houston. Uncle Marcos is really cool. He and my Aunt Sara and Grandma Sue really like to talk about sports, whatever that is.

1st Week

How time flies when you're having fun. I'm already 1 week old! What a great week it was. Grammy stayed with us until Thursday morning and then my Grandma Sue came on Thursday night. Da came Friday night and Aunt Sara came Saturday morning. Grandpappa and Grammy came back Saturday morning and brought Aunt Ann. She is really neat. Uncle Pierce didn't get to come because he hurt his back. Sorry, Uncle Pierce.

Da and Grandma Sue took some more pictures, but haven't gotten them developed yet. There are some new pictures below, and Da will be putting more up as they come in, so keep checking.

Everyone says I am a real good boy. My mommy and Daddy take real good care of me. I love them a lot because they change me when I need it, they feed me when I'm hungry and they take me outside. I really like being outside. They have even taken me to Olive Garden and Jason's Deli!

2nd Week

This second week was a blur. My mommy and Daddy are definitely getting adjusted to me. I didn't even have any grandparents come to help this week. Anyway, there's not too much to report. My mommy says that I'm doing real good. There are quite a few new pictures, but they were all taken over a week ago. We'll get new ones up just as soon as my Da gets them. Gotta go and explore, so I'll see you later.


Rather than doing week-by-week, my Da is just going to keep adding on. I'm 3 weeks old now and I already weigh 8 lbs. I'm getting close to being able to lift my head, and I'm really a squirmer! My umbilical cord dropped off last week and now I can take real baths.

My Grandma Sue and Da came from Alice and my Aunt Debi came from Houston to visit this past weekend. We had a good time. We watched the basketball playoffs and I really like the Dallas Mavericks. I hope they win the championship!

I had my two week checkup and everything was great. I don't go back to the doctor until I am 2 months old.... Hooray! Keep checking back for updates and I'll see you all soon.

My mommy and Daddy took me to Ft. Worth to see Grammy and Pop while they went with Uncle Chris and Aunt Sara and some of their friends to a Texas Rangers game. I sure wanted to go!

My Da and GrandmaSue came to see me this past weekend and we went to lots of places. We went to the mall, the Lazy-boy store and HEB! Wow, there were lots of people at the mall!

As you can see from my pictures, I'm really growing. I can already turn myself over from my tummy to my back and I'm only 5 weeks old! Everyone says I'm very strong.

The ladies at Grammy's Church gave me a shower and I got lots of neat things! My Great-grandmother, Ma was there and boy, do I like her. She has promised to spoil me, whatever that means!

Grandma Sue, Da and Aunt Sara came for the 4th of July and we did lots of fun things. Daddy and Da cooked hamburgers and hot dogs and then we went to Ft. Hood and looked at all the neat Army equipment that my Daddy uses. Da, Daddy and I got to get in a Bradley Fighting Vehicle and Daddy showed us how it works. I wanted to shoot the 25mm gun, but there were no bullets. Daddy said that maybe I could do it when I got older. We went home and then went swimming at the motel. It was a fun day!

We went to Schlitterbahn Water Park on August 16 and it was real fun. Daddy and Mommy took me down the slides and I liked it. We also went to San Antonio and visited the Alamo and went to the horse races at Retama Park. Everybody ate 50 cent hot dogs and I just drank milk.

So many things have happened since I last updated my information. I got a tooth, and now I have 4 teeth! I started crawling a long time ago and now I'm standing and moving between furniture. I've had to get more vaccinations and that wasn't fun, but I've been real healthy. Christmas was fun and I got to visit with all my family. Now, I've got a new cousin, Mallory! She belongs to my Aunt Debi and Uncle Marcos who live in Houston. She's pretty cute and I can't wait until we can play together. Well, that's about all for now.

You can click on each of the pictures to see a bigger picture of me!

Da gets more pictures with me 'cause he's the webmaster

Mommy is cleaning up, Daddy is tuning up, and Da is just loving me up!

Time for another diaper change... see you later!

Thank you, Mrs. Merritt for making these beautiful blankets for me
My Grandma Sue really makes me relax and she doesn't like the flashes either!

A little higher, Grandma Sue...

It's 3 a.m. and I'm ready to party!

"I'm not sleepy, I'm not sleepy, I'm not sleepy, I'm not...."

I recognize my mommy anywhere

My Da finally got a picture of me smiling

My Aunt Debi and me
We went to Fuddruckers and they didn't wake me up... and I really wanted some onion rings!

How could a boy not like this bed?

Me and Da again

I'm not getting spoiled, I promise
I'm ready to go to work with my Daddy

Grandma Sue and me like it outside...

..enjoying the day..

...and this reading stuff is really neat
GrandmaSue made me a baseball sheet

Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Myane for my Moses basket

Look how big I'm getting!

Getting ready for bed...
...or not!

Got milk? I do!

Gig 'em!

The fam
Smiling at the lobster my Aunt Trisha gave me

My Da, my Daddy and me!

Me and Mommy on the new LaZBoy

Mommy and Daddy on the new LaZBoy!
Did somebody say, "Time to eat?"

I'm a happy boy!

Don't just stand there, pick me up!

My Great Grandmother, Ma, is holding me and my Great Aunt Ann is on her right
Grandma Sue, Mommy, Aunt Sara and me at the shower

I'm laughing at our dog, Fenix

Me and Mommy are ready for the 4th of July

Taking a nap with my Daddy's Cabbage Patch Doll, Budd
Getting ready to swim at the motel

Swimming at the motel

Resting up after swimming at the motel

Me and Daddy on a Bradley Fighting Vehicle, just like his!
Now, where did that dog go?

Is it time to eat again?

All right!! Another adventure!

Come a little closer, and I'll drool... oops... I mean whisper in your ear
I'm just a happy baby....

...and I love my Mommy.....

...especially when she tickles me!

Whooo Hooo! Da and Grandma Sue are here to play with me again!
Gig 'em, right back attcha!

Me and Da listening to "tunes" and watching the video

Nothing is better than a dry diaper, except maybe a dry diaper and 6 oz. of milk

Me and Da working out on the rock wall
Daddy and me going down the slide at Schlitterbahn

Mommy and me have this swimming thing down

Daddy laughing at Mommy and me after we went down the slide

Schlitterbahn is great... you get to wear wet clothes and have wet hair all day!
Mommy and Grammy took me to a photographer to have these four photos made...

...and I really liked it....

...because, you can tell... good I am at smiling!
Mommy feeds me cereal

My Great Grandmother, Nanny came to visit me....

...and we had fun looking at my new football blanket.

Pushups are pretty easy at this age.
Grandma Sue, Mommy, Nanny and me.

Me and Da playing "this little piggy..." on the floor.

Mommy, Daddy, Aunt Sara and me at Aunt Trisha's house for Thanksgiving.

Carrots are good for your eyes....
...'cause my eyes are beautiful.

I'm crawling now and I have a new tooth!

I've got a cold and Daddy is making me feel better

How do you like my Dallas Mavericks outfit I got from Aunt Sara?
Wearing my daddy's Alice Coyotes cap

Laughing at my Mommy and Daddy

Playing in Grandma Sue's kitchen

Riding with Da in the golf cart
My new cousin, Mallory Gaile Meade, was born Wednesday, February 11th. Our moms are sisters.

Aunt Debi and Uncle Marcos with "Maroon Out Mallory"

I also have a new 2nd cousin, Cade Wall. My dad and his mom are cousins.

When we choose sides to play ball, I'm choosing him, he's pretty big!
I'm ready for baseball season

Me and Daddy...

...walking in the front yard.

The Wiley boys
Giddy up!

Tiny bubbles...

Helping Mommy with the yard work

Playing in the back of Daddy's truck
Really playing in the back of Daddy's truck!

Bye-bye Daddy, be safe. We'll be right here when you get back.
My Daddy left with the 1st Cavalry for Iraq, please pray for him
This is my "take a knee" stance.

Mommy, Grandma Sue and I went to Aggieland for Parent's Weekend. We shopped here at Reed Arena...

...and visited Kyle Field. We had a lot of fun and got some neat stuff.

I'm in my "big boy" pajamas in Aunt Sara's lap.
My playhouse and keyboard are neat, how do you like my Steven Tyler imitation...?

Hey Daddy, how do you like the haircut that Mom gave me? She says this is my "Hank" face.

Wow, I can feel the wind on my head now!

I think that cat is around here somewhere....
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