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David's Second Year

These pictures start at my first birthday.
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The Birthday Boy

Okay, where are the presents?

Look at the really COOL toy box that Grandpappa made for me.

My grandfathers put my swing up for me.

Alright, we're finally opening presents!

I got this neat play house. Grammy, Grandma Sue, Grandpappa, Da and Mommy put it together.

Here's the real life "pat-a-cake!"

I ate as much as I could before they put me in the tub.

Hey, Mallory, do you want to watch Rolie Polie Olie or Sponge Bob?

Oh boy, I got some really neat toys!

Me and Mom playing at Aunt Sara's

Running all over Aunt Sara's living room

I'm really getting this pointing thing down....

...even when I'm riding on Da...

...and especially when I'm outside!

Relaxing in Grandma Sue's lap and munching Cheerios after a swim in my pool

Sitting in my rocking chair ...

...and enjoying a good book!

Howdy from the 4th of July Celebration at Ft. Hood

My first ride on a merry-go-round

Helping Mommy at her booth

Compare me with the photo with Daddy from last year... I've grown!

I'm in Alice in Daddy's rocking chair that Auntie made for him when he was my age.

Mowing with Da

Having fun after a swim

Grandma Sue found Daddy's cool hat and let me wear it

Just a swingin' in my 311 outfit

Relaxing with Mommy
My Daddy came home in August, from Iraq for 2 weeks R&R and we had a great time together.

Daddy, me and Da in the house...

...and again in the pool

Me and my Daddy

Getting ready to slide
My Daddy went back to Iraq, but he'll be home for good next March and I'll be very glad.

Getting a quick bath in Mommy's sink

Enjoying a day outside

Game day at A&M

Putting pennies on Sully's Statue

Daddy's brick at the Corps museum

Sending Daddy a message under the Century Oak... from Mommy...

...and me

Saying good-bye to Motel 6 for another week

We're tricking if you're not treating!

Hey daddy, I really like this drummer thing!

Jammin' to Da's MP3 player

My new sleeping duds... my "wife beater" shirt and boxers

I'm on a...

...real big...


I can do...

...all these neat things...

...mostly... MYSELF!

..but sometimes, Da has to help me a little.

Wow, what a great time we had.

Trains are one of my favorites..

..and I love to play with the Fisher Price village.

Hey Cord, do you think the Aggies will have a chance at the Big 12 title this year?

Emily really took good care of me while we walked

Breaker one-nine, this is rubber ducky, what's the smokey situation?

Don't worry, Mommy, I never left the parking lot.

I got my hair cut at Da's barber shop. Miss Lillian did a great job

Now I'm going to write about my fun week

Wow, Daddy...

No words to describe

Hey, Aunt Sara, watch this one...

Did you say, "play it in Db or Bb?"

Kickin' back with a Danimal

Da and I fixing my broken firetruck
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