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Sue's Birthday Trip

For her mom's 50th Birthday, Sara made all the arrangements for us
to stay at the Mt. Washington Hotel in the Presidential
Mountain Range of New Hampshire.
These are photos of that wonderful trip.

The New Hampshire State Motto is one of our favorites...

"Live Free or Die"

This photo was taken on the famous Kancamangus Highway as we drove from Concord to Mt. Washington.
This was the peak foliage season and it was absolutely breathtaking.

Even the scenery during one of our gas station stops, was worth a photo op.

New Hampshire is famous for their foliage and their covered bridges.

This is the view as we approached the hotel. Elegant does not give it justice.

The splendor of this great facility gets better as we get closer.

This is a view from the veranda on the back of the hotel.
The Presidential Mountain range is barely visible behind us.

More of the Presidential Mountain Range. It is so beautiful, it almost looks like
we're standing in front of a painting.

This is a view from the back of the hotel.

This was the beautiful view from our hotel window. The rooms have not been modified from their
original 1902 design. One of the most fascinating things about this marvelous hotel, is the
electrical system. The original electrical wiring and light fixtures are still in use and the
amazing part is that they were originally installed by Thomas Edison!! They still use the
old style "knife switches" to operate the main circuits!

We enjoyed a wonderful, four course formal dinner in the dining room with a live orchestra.
As an extra surprise, Sara had arranged for the orchestra to play "Happy Birthday"
for her mom and also had a birthday cake made for her.

The next day, we took a trip to the top of Mt. Washington. Sue and Sara are standing at
the highest point in New Hampshire in this photo.... 6,288 ft. above sea level.

Sue is reading about the "Highest Winds Ever Recorded" on this weather station on top of Mt. Washington.
If you have any doubts about the truth of the sign... notice that the whole building is chained down!
No doubt with 231 mph winds!

We have just finished our trip to the summit of Mt. Washington and that is it in the background.
This page, by no means shows all of the wonderful things that we got to do, such as hiking "the Flume,"
the Nature Trail Hike, playing pool with Scottsmen in "The Cave," enjoying the "hot tub," or any of the
other hundreds of things we did. It was a wonderful trip and we will remember it always.
Thank you Sara!
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